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CBD Oil • Energy & Focus
CBD Oil • Energy & Focus

CBD Oil • Energy & Focus

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Energy & Focus is available in four different strengths to meet your specific needs and goals. Please see the CBD Strength chart below to select the correct oil for your individual needs. Whether it's tough physical activity, sports or keeping up with a demanding career, energy and focus are key elements of success. Life throws a lot at us and often all at once. Being able to focus and stay on top of the important aspects is a common challenge.

Our Energy & Focus CBD Oil is designed to provide all the benefits of CBD and incorporates an uplifting terpene profile to help meet the demands of an active everyday lifestyle, demanding career or challenging physical exercise. It is also designed to help with focus to stay on top of what matters most.

THC-Free to avoid the risk of testing positive for THC on a drug test.

To learn about our three unique CBD Oil formulations as well as their different terpene profiles and strengths Click Here.

Suggested use is two 1ml servings per day. 60 Servings per 2oz bottle.

    Energy & Focus CBD Oil is available in the following strengths:


    CBD per 1ml Serving

    CBD per 2oz/60ml Bottle Designed For:
    1X 8.3mg 500mg Proactive CBD benefits, minor infrequent pain
    2X 16.6mg 1000mg Occasional light pain and inflammation
    3X 25mg 1500mg Daily moderate to difficult pain and inflammation
    6X 50mg 3000mg Chronic severe pain and inflammation. Chronic illnesses. Maximum strength.

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