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Pain Relief

Lacuna Botanicals was "Born at Altitude" in Lyons Colorado. Our love of the outdoors (from rafting and hiking to skiing and snowboarding) is what inspired us to create our products. Whether in the city or in the mountains, our bodies take a beating every day. From sore muscles and joints to dry skin and everything in between, we felt there had to be a more natural alternative to prescription opiates and silicon/petroleum based products that have flooded the market. Like many of you, we have tried numerous products with most never quite getting the job done. In response, we started Lacuna Botanicals with the mission of creating the best natural products we could. We source the highest quality ingredients from Colorado and from around the world.
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Our flagship Deep Tissue Massage and Pain Relief cream is a revolutionary blend of essential oils that work together in perfect harmony.  Deep Tissue is completely unlike traditional, harsh menthol pain relief creams. It's proprietary blend of essential oils not only gives Deep Tissue its exquisite signature scent but also delivers an exceptionally soothing result.  For maximum effect, it is infused with terpenes and a potent...


Our CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil is infused with our proprietary blend of terpenes to help relax your body and mind, allowing you to have a more peaceful and restful night. Available in three strengths based on your needs. Orange Citrus Flavor